Looking for Challenge Team to Join

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Looking for Challenge Team to Join

Post by robynsc » January 1st, 2009, 8:09 pm

hi - i'm looking for a team for the virtual challenge that is also challenging. i like to push myself and i do better with challenges, goals and accountability. i'll be a consistent team member and will do my best to meet any and all goals put before me!! thanx bunches! happy new year!!

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Post by Sheepster » January 1st, 2009, 10:05 pm

You are welcome to join the Ewe Row! team. We are a very small team and could use the help!

I'd be happy to post team/individual progress in the thread I'd started in this forum (along with a few silly sheep pictures). It would help me too. I've set a goal for myself to row at least 163,000 meters which will put me past my first million meters. I'm sure there wil be mini challenges and goals that arise along the way. How much do you want to row during the challenge?

Happy New Year!

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Luna-Tics Team Open

Post by Kona2 » January 2nd, 2009, 1:01 am

We'll also be glad to add you as a member of the Luna-Tics team. There are all levels of rowers in our open team, and I'm sure that you would find the challenge that you're looking for in rowing the distance to the moon! The Luna-Tics team forum page is very active. Check it out under the teams section!

Each day we post the amount of meters each team member rows, and there are several friendly intra-team competitions going on. Most of us find that we have been able to row much more with the team than we did as individuals. A recent example is trying the half marathon distance for the first time. We had three different people attempt this, and one who did a full marathon. None of us really had thought we could do this distance until we saw that our teammates were doing these - and gave it a go! We celebrate all of these things!

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Post by Louis-Eric Simard » January 3rd, 2009, 11:19 am


We'd be happy to have you row with us; our team is currently #2 on the leaderboard and we need dedicated rowers like you ! Whether you are Canadian, an expat, or someone who'd like to be an honorary Canadian for the month, just add yourself to our open and welcoming team.

Here's how to join us or any of the other teams proposing:

In your online logbook, click on Teams. You'll be offered a dialogue where you can Join a Team. If you are contemplating joining a team that is by invitation only, click on the team name and get in touch with the Team Captain. If you want to join us, just select Team Canada and click OK; that's all you'll need to do to join ! We'll follow up with your forum passwords and motivational e-mails. We have dedicated consistent riders at the top riding 20-50k every single day. That's a great team to ride along with !

Once you've joined a team, click on Teams again and confirm that you want to participate in the January Winter Challenge. That's true of registration with any team, Team Canada included.



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