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Challenge progress

Posted: January 7th, 2019, 8:37 am
by ukaserex
Anyone have any insight as to when Concept2 is going to show our progress (or lack thereof) on this month's individual challenge? It seems it would be a simple thing for them to implement, following the same template as the holiday challenge.

Adding all these daily rows together is getting a bit dull, especially as I do a lot of short intervals, and have to tab back and forth through the browser to note the calories, as they don't show up in the workout summary on the log page.

Am I missing something, a link somewhere?

Re: Challenge progress

Posted: January 7th, 2019, 8:57 am
by Citroen
Send an email to and ask them.

Re: Challenge progress

Posted: January 10th, 2019, 4:21 pm
by ukaserex
Apparently, there's a way to see this, but it took some literacy skills, which I have, but wasn't using very well. Just had to click on Logbook, and Challenges, and it was in a summary paragraph under Current Challenges.