Bike erg to Rower/assault bike

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Bike erg to Rower/assault bike

Post by davidlacey » October 5th, 2018, 5:16 pm

In a competition coming up soon we have a 1km bike erg and looking for people to give their opinions on a equivalent distance in a Rower or assault bike at all out pace. Might sound a silly question just wondering what should one be pushing for on a bike erg for 1km time wise?

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Re: Bike erg to Rower/assault bike

Post by rakserv » October 5th, 2018, 9:39 pm

Just speaking in generalities the BikeErg is roughly 2x distance to time of the Rower and SkiErg;
the BikeErg distances/splits are in distances of 1000m vs. 500m on the Rower and SkiErg

I do find that it is pretty easy to go faster and harder on the BikeErg than 2x the pace on the Rower and SkiErg.

I would just start with the premise that you can 2x the distance at the same pace as you do on the Rower or SkiErg ... and go by how you feel from there.

If you do 500m at a 2:00 pace on the Rower then you should pretty easily be able to do 1000m at a 2:00 pace on the BikeErg (probably a bit faster than that).

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