Artificially changing damper causing distorted wattage?

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Artificially changing damper causing distorted wattage?

Post by wyattwyatt » December 29th, 2017, 1:12 pm

Trying to get higher RPMs without generating big wattage (trying to mimic a very low gearing) for longish recovery rides.
Using with zwift (highly recommended, btw).

Covered grill with plastic wrap seems to give desired result, but reported drag factor stays at 61 no matter what I do.
1. Will watt output still be accurate? Numbers look reasonable, but feels "light" for the reported output.
2. Using my bike with zwift - would my reported numbers still be valid? I guess this is sort of the same question as the previous?
3. Could I damage the hardware of the bike doing this?
joseph b wyatt

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Re: Artificially changing damper causing distorted wattage?

Post by c2jonw » December 29th, 2017, 3:17 pm

2wyatt- blocking the air flow on the inlet or outlet side of the BikeErg will result in inaccurate values on the monitor, which will also effect their validity on Zwift. Zwift basically sees the watts as reported on the PM and converts them to bike speed within Zwift. Blocking the airflow will not damage the machine. If you are interested in achieving lower drag numbers you can contact Concept2 directly to discuss. C2JonW
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