Is this possible and if so how?

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Is this possible and if so how?

Post by rhi » April 4th, 2017, 6:13 am

Hi i'm a 16 year old female around 72 kg and around 5ft 7. It is April 2017 now and in January next year I would really like to be able to get a 19 min rate 24 5k erg. Is this possible considering the fact that In January I produced a 5k rate 24 at 19.54 mins? Also I would like to get my erg 2k ergo down to 7:10 by next year when very recently I got 7:29. Do you believe this is possible, I am fully commited to put in the pain and effort, I would just like to know the way to get there. At the moment I train 6 times a week with my club and do one hard erg a week with a Ut1 30 mins and 20 mins of conditioning on another day. 2 days of the week I do weights and then water on the rest. Do I need to do more erging? what do I need to do and is it possible? Also I am going in September to a rowing school so I would just like to be able to build my ergs progressively to September so that when I go to the rowing school, their programme (which is intense) will give me the best chance of reaching around my goals. I hope that makes sense.

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Re: Is this possible and if so how?

Post by bisqeet » April 4th, 2017, 7:14 am

if you are motivated - anything can happen :)
training can overcome a lot of difficulties (size would be one factor in your case - but who knows - its not uncommon for you to grow a couple of inches in a year)
a good training plan and healthy nutritition - might want to increase the duration if 30mins is the longest you do.
try and build up that aerobic base for the upcoming rowing school.
no doubt they have good coaches there and it will be hard work...
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