John McAvoy on Babbitville Radio podcast

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John McAvoy on Babbitville Radio podcast

Post by Gammmmo » March 6th, 2017, 4:36 am

Just listened to a new podcast this morning on Babbitville Radio. The guy being interviewed is the above. It was a fascinating story of a guy who changed his life with endurance sports including setting some amazing records on the ergo. I'd vaguely heard about him before but didn't know the full story - some newbies on here might be in the same position hence the post. Anwyay, quick links here to get you started: ... become-th/
47M, 5'11" 75kg (+10!), ex bike time trialler.
Targets: 36:59(10K), >8200m for 30mins, 6:44(2K), 3:12(1K), 1:27(500m), 350m+ (1min)

Erg on!

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