UK Concept 2 delivery- issues?

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UK Concept 2 delivery- issues?

Post by Ludlowjim » July 30th, 2020, 3:20 pm

I just noted another thread regarding delivery times from the US, which chimed with me.

I have waited home for two days now for a delivery that hasn't been made- although to be fair a delivery truck did turn up yesterday with a very cheerful guy who had my name and address, just not the actual concept 2 box in the truck!

I had an exact same experience getting a ski erg delivered in May- so in total I have now spent four days waiting for promised (via email saying it's the day) delivery that hasn't occurred. Hopefully tomorrow....

I suppose my enquiry would be whether this is a common experience across the UK or whether it's just my bad luck to be in an area with overworked/disorganised area team.

From my experience so far I have really enjoyed being a customer and user of the product/app/online logbook etc so this is why I have opted to get a rower and bike erg as well- (I'm still furloughed for a while yet and gyms are still closed here. However other than the proviso that covid has changed the landscape etc. Is the usual experience of delivery in the UK great or poor. It does not reflect well on Concept 2 unfortunately.

I know I would have preferred the choice of timed delivery slot with the Royal Mail, rather than wasting my time and energy for a budget carrier (Tuffnells) that are ineffective ( and that's me feeling generous).

If anyone can be bothered to look past my 'moan' and respond either way I can rest my conscience or pass on the information to the UK office.



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Re: UK Concept 2 delivery- issues?

Post by Citroen » July 30th, 2020, 4:31 pm

You need to discuss this directly with Concept2 UK.