Concept 2 Dyno Strength Trainer for Sale $600

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Concept 2 Dyno Strength Trainer for Sale $600

Post by torsten_heycke » April 10th, 2018, 1:26 pm

Hi folks,

I'm selling a Concept 2 Dyno in good working order. It's located in Ashland, Oregon and you would need to pick it up. I can send photos and videos of it in use, etc to save time for both of us.

The Concept II DYNO is the perfect antidote if you want at least a leg workout and have some upper body injury preventing you from rowing in a boat or training on an indoor rowing machine. The DYNO kept me sane when my shoulder was out of commission. You can use the DYNO leg press with injured ribs, achy wrists, mangled elbows and all manner of upper body long as you can breathe, you can use the DYNO leg press.

There was some interesting research re/the DYNO: see my erstwhile, forgotten blog: ... press.html

Produced for just a handful of years and sold by Concept II until 2007, the DYNO is a unique combination of variable resistance leg press, seated bench press, and seated bench pull. Short for dynamometer--a device that measures force--the DYNO is a push-me, pull-you looking device with two seats, various handles, and a monitor that flips to face either direction. The key part, in my opinion, is the the DYNO lets you do the leg drive like in rowing, with no load on the recovery (unlike most leg press machines) and no use of arms or upper body required. And, you can watch tv or video easily while doing it.

Stuff you should know:

1. It's a bit of a beast in terms of size (which is why I am getting rid of it). Approx. Dimensions: L: 8 ft. W: 3 ft H: 4 ft, Weight: ~120 lbs. It can be dismantled.

2. You'll have to pick this up if you want it. It's in Ashland, Oregon, home of great chocolate and Shakespeare plays and not a half bad rowing venue. Enough reasons to visit, maybe.

3. ... l_0102.pdf

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