Single rowing shell transportation & launching????

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Single rowing shell transportation & launching????

Post by Jlkeiser » August 15th, 2020, 3:11 pm

I just purchased an old open water rowing shell. I am Loki g for ideas on how to trailer, dolly, & launch by myself. It’s 60 lbs & 17 feet long. I’m not able to lift it by myself.
I can dry store it at a river launch near me & dolly it into the water. I’m also considering a trailer so I can store it at home vs paying $150 a month at the launch site. I’ve looked into the trailex trailer but will a 126lb trailer & 60lb boat be too heavy to do by myself? Do I just buy a set of good boat slings & a boat dolly & pay for storage? I’m less than 10’ away from the launch site.
I can’t find any blogs or videos of people using the trailex trailer to launch a rowing single or of a dolly launch.
Any help is appreciated. I just want to row again without the need of assistance. I need an open water boat as it’s a river with wind & boat traffic.

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Re: Single rowing shell transportation & launching????

Post by Cyclist2 » August 15th, 2020, 10:31 pm

Just replied to your post under On The Water thread, see above.

As far as a trailer, I've never used one, and the one a friend has is light enough to use as a hand dolly. If the combination is too heavy, then handling it like the power boaters do, with backing, launching, tie off, parking, etc. is the choice you have.

It seems to me that your short term solution is to pay for storage and keep looking for that optimal boat/transport combination that works for you.
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