Group Fitness Rowing App?

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Group Fitness Rowing App?

Post by rocket-sauce » November 7th, 2018, 9:01 am

I am looking for a group fitness rowing app. Specifically, I'd like something that everyone can log their results and see what the rest of the group is doing.

We came across this, which seems to cover all our bases. But it doesn't seem to be working? When you try to register, it just shuts down the app.. ... 09537?mt=8

Curve ball: not everyone has a C2 erg. Some are on Oartec Dynamics, some are on Oartec Sliders, and some are on C2. So we can't use an app that connects to a C2 monitor...

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Re: Group Fitness Rowing App?

Post by CJOttawa » November 7th, 2018, 8:40 pm

How granular do you need the data? (like, individual splits, or just "distance and total time", which would give average 500m pace)

I know Garmin Connect will work even if you don't own a Garmin - ErgData (from C2) will push workouts to a Garmin Connect account, but you could manually log them on Garmin Connect too if you didn't have a C2.

You can add "Connections" in Garmin Connect, and even create a Group for your entire team/club to join so everyone can see everyone else's logged activities. Advantage Garmin: excellent cross-platform support (desktop, iOS, Android), and every activity type under the sun.

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Re: Group Fitness Rowing App?

Post by lindsayh » November 9th, 2018, 6:09 am

rocket-sauce wrote:
November 7th, 2018, 9:01 am
Curve ball: not everyone has a C2 erg. Some are on Oartec Dynamics, some are on Oartec Sliders, and some are on C2. So we can't use an app that connects to a C2 monitor...
One problem is that there is no comparison between the outputs of C2 and non C2 rowers so there is no point in gaining the information in the first place - a performance on an Oartek or water rower has nothing in common with a C2 in terms of watts or pace. You can only compare like to like.
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Re: Group Fitness Rowing App?

Post by ukaserex » November 12th, 2018, 9:08 pm

Have you considered MyZone? That's the one we use at the boutique fitness facility I belong to. It basically works like this:

The members can buy them themselves, or through your shop. (Most will buy through the shop if there's a price break). You'll need a tv to display each member's HR data. At our place, our facility entered all the data and used a "Facility Code", so I don't have to use an app when I attend. Once I plug in the "button" (small oval piece about the size of a key fob) onto the strap, it shows up, and I can see how many calories I've burned, the number of MEPs and the % of Max Heart Rate at that moment in time.

They have a number of "Zones", and time in each zone awards a "MyZone Exercise Point"(MEPs).

Gray - less than 50% of max heart rate - earns no MEPs.
Black - 50-59% of Max Heart Rate - earns 1 MEP per minute in zone
Blue - 60-69% of max HR - earns 2 MEPs per minute in Zone
Green - 70-79% of max HR - earns 3 Meps.
Yellow - 80-89% of Max HR - earns 4 Meps
Red - 90-100% - earns 4 MEPs.

If a member is in in Red frequently, MyZone may recalculate their Max HR and make it harder for them to get in the red.

There is an app, and a website that allows members to see what everyone else is doing, provided they wear the strap. To do that, each member must agree to "connect" with the other member. Through the app, various direct messages can be sent to another member.

Caveats: Members must use the app on their phones to determine when they need to charge the "button". Most won't need a charge until 5-6 months, unless they train every day, twice a day. Even still, it's about once every few months.
Some members have complained about getting used straps when they bought them outside of the facility.
Some members have complained about the straps not holding a charge.
A lot of people (not members) on the internet have complained about a lack of customer service. Our facility has a rep that seems to handle whatever issues may come up, but so far, I haven't had any.

It is expensive - about $125 for the strap and the monitor (button) that attaches to it. But, that seems competitive to me.
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