Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

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Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

Post by Xetuoceyr » March 15th, 2019, 4:52 am

So I broke down from my Ebay search and decided to just order a PM3 new from C2. After looking around, the RowPro software looks kind of interesting.

Just wondering if anyone is using it and if it is any good. It's $100, but that's reasonable if it's worth it and improves the (replay?) value of the equipment.

If anyone is using it I have a few more questions, but figured I'd cast this out and see first.

If you own a C2 and don't like RowPro, let me know about that as well.

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Re: Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

Post by MPx » March 15th, 2019, 11:30 am

I used RowPro 3 with my Model C PM3 for a few years. It was great being able to have so many stored workouts available and (another) readily accessible log. I also liked having the graphic output up on a big TV in front of me...although I still found I mostly concentrated on the PM screen. I never used one of its acclaimed plusses (to row with others online - not for me) and it was a bit flakey. Mostly the graphics failing for some reason, but all OK again after a reboot. Also sporadic failures on some sessions - typically high volume hard interval sessions where some of the intervals wouldn't show up in the results. Very annoying but they were always there on the PM3 and easy to copy to the RowPro log, but it meant the overall session stats weren't available without the use of the calculator!

I was obviously aware of the various upgrade/releases of RowPro 4 and 5, but never upgraded. After exchanges with early adopters I thought I'd be losing as much as gaining by moving on. EG Interval set up issues in the later version custom studio (worked perfectly on 3) and still not solid in the sense of occasional crashes of various sorts.

When I got my Model D/PM5 at the end of last year I decided to switch to Ergdata on my phone (which I still cast to the TV despite rarely looking at it!). After numerous set up issues, its been working well for a couple of months. The only thing I miss about RowPro is the huge set of stored custom workouts that I used to have. Such a facility comes into its own with things like the current CTC which takes ages to program on the PM5 especially if you want to mess about with the rest sequence.

I'm sure Carl will be along shortly with some positive reasons to go for it...whatever floats your boat!
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Re: Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

Post by Carl Watts » March 15th, 2019, 4:06 pm

Yes well I like it and if you do a search of this forum there are plenty of users and posts about it.

I have been a user of it for 10 years now and use it for every single row but only Online rowing. Despite my love affair with it I'm afraid its not for everyone, in fact it would appear its only for a very small minority of like minded people who like to row together.

The misconception is that every row is a race but it takes a certain type of person to be able to row to their own plan and pace and just ignore those that are faster than you and not cry if you come in last. Its perhaps unfortunate in this competitive day and age that you see a slower rower for a few weeks online and then they are gone.If you cannot differentiate between "Losing" and " Training", then Online rowing is not for you.

Personally I would have thought that it would have taken off, but in my opinion its structured all wrong in that it should have been a much simplier package with better graphics, options for rivers or courses to row at round the world and have online rowing ONLY.

You can still get a free trial and its USD$75 if you wait for a month special like now. Very cheap software in my opinion but that depends on your perspective, I used to sell software for $10,000 a licence but if your used to getting free Apps or paying $3.......

The only other issue I have found is that you need to be a bit tech savvy with hardware. You would think that you could just buy a new PC, plug it in and it will work, but not always.

There are a few dedicated groups rowing at set times so have a look in the "results" of Oarbits to see if you can slot in with anyone else online.
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Re: Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

Post by Slothful1 » March 16th, 2019, 3:17 am

I bought v2 just after getting my Model D in 2004, and upgraded the software through the years. I enjoyed a few online sessions but always struggled to get the timing right to be ready for fixed start times, and preferred to be more flexible in my training. On the other hand I occasionally benefited by being forced to join a session when I wasn't feeling in the mood (and would have bailed if I was on my own). I also used the training plans in the early days, and felt that they were well-designed and provided useful structure.

The biggest plus I found, especially in the early days, was chasing my PBs and SBs by rowing against my actual past rows. I liked the challenge of trying to keep ahead of an old record.

I didn't row regularly between 2011 and 2017, and when I returned I started using ErgData more regularly for capturing stroke data and uploading to the Logbook. The only time I dust off RowPro these days is when I'm going after a SB or chasing my 40+ records (still well off my old PBs).

Overall worth the $100 to me, even though I use it for a very niche purpose.


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Re: Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

Post by Rowan McSheen » March 16th, 2019, 4:06 pm

I use RowPro for every session. As said above, the store of custom rows is good to have. That and the pace boat are my most-used features. I don't row online.

Version 4.3, running on an old laptop that is used more or less just for this purpose. If it were to break down I'd probably replace it with a similar second-hand one to stick with this version.

Since I paid about £75 for it more years ago than I care to count, I reckon I've had my money's worth and then some.
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Re: Any Concept 2 owners use RowPro?

Post by RayOfSunshine » March 16th, 2019, 10:02 pm

I bought it so I could row with others, but I still haven't done that yet since I was doing the BPP. Since finishing, I've been doing a lot of longer SS.
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