Kindle FIRE tablets and New Ergdata

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Kindle FIRE tablets and New Ergdata

Post by Tsnor » July 12th, 2022, 11:46 am

Most Kindle fire tablets work with the older version of Ergdata, both Bluetooth and cable connections. The older version Ergdata can be loaded from the Amazon App store, and is still called Ergdata. Some kindle fire tablets do not work, and the ergdata app will not show up in the Amazon app store on those models (e.g. Fire HDX 3rd gen).

The new version of ErgData is not available from the Amazon App store. A note to concept2 got the prompt response: "..We do not plan on supporting the Kindle platform any longer but we do have both an Android and iOS version of ErgData. Kind Regards, ". (Concept2 has outstanding customer support. Immediate response, clear answer.) So future versions of ErgData are not apt to appear on Amazon.

Loading google play to a kindle fire is well documented on the internet, requires downloading 4 files using the amazon silk browser shipped on the kindle, and works well. Took 30 mins. This gives full access to the google play store.

Using the Google play app store from a 2016 kindle fire 8 inch only the older ergdata was available now renamed ergdata for PM3 and PM4, so the 2016 fire likely has too old an android version to support the new ergdata.

Has anyone successfully loaded/used the new ergdata on a kindle? If so what model/gen?

Assuming the newer fire table versions work with the new ergdata they offer a larger screen and are cheap enough they can be a dedicated device. A new 8" kindle fire tablet is $45 US today (prime day deal).

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Re: Kindle FIRE tablets and New Ergdata

Post by Euroman » August 5th, 2022, 8:10 am

I've not tried the new Ergdata on my Kindle Fire 5th Generation 2017. I believe the 5th Gen was released in 2015

Currently I'm happily running v1.98 of the Amazon Fire App and PM5 Firmware v32. I will try to resist any updates for as long as possible.

I bought the Kindle Fire in 2017 specifically for use with Ergdata and find the larger 7 inch screen to be much easier to use than a smartphone. It lives besides the rower, provides another data window and is used to upload the row to the online logbook and then on to Training Peaks.
Other than an occasional issue when the Ergdata or PM5 software was updated it has been simple to use and reliable.

I will keep an eye on the forum to see how the newer Fire tablets work with the Android app.
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Re: Kindle FIRE tablets and New Ergdata

Post by Carl Watts » August 5th, 2022, 8:48 pm

So many old phones kicking about I just used one of those.

Rather than throw it in the bin I just use my old Samsung A3 (2017) that now lives on the rower running the old version of ErgData and a Rev 1 PM5 only on V32 firmware it's faultless.

Starts to get a bit expensive if you have to replace your PM5 just to work with the latest software and devices. Some real compatibility issues caused by Bluetooth protocol changes.

Got the latest version of ErgData on my new phone but never actually connect it yo the PM5. Just use it to download results to the phones logbook to view the results. The time spent in each HR zone is quite cool.
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Re: Kindle FIRE tablets and New Ergdata

Post by WherRow » August 14th, 2022, 1:22 pm

I recently bought a refurbished 2021 Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet to use with my Model 2 with PM5, and have been disappointed to find the new ErgData does not work with it. This after successfully installing Google Play Store, downloading ErgData (among other Android apps), and trying to connect.

ErgData starts up ok, but a "Location Services" popup keeps appearing, stating that I need to "Enable Location Services", with a link to Settings to do just that. The PM5 is running the latest firmware version (171).

Of course, Location Services *are* enabled, both globally and individually at the app level for ErgData (v 2.0.4+1).

I've contacted Concept2 support, and while they were initially responsive, now emails to them are going unanswered.

I also downloaded ErgZone from the Google Play Store on the same Fire tablet, and it runs and connects without any problem on the same Fire tablet. It's an ok app, but I'd really like to get the new ErgData running, as it has some nifty built-in stuff, such as the "Workout Of the Day" (WOD).

Hopefully Concept2 will tweak the new ErgData app for Android to overcome this "location services bug".

For now, I found if uninstall the new ErgData app, reset the Fire tablet, and install the (old) ErgData app (v 1.98) from the Amazon app store, that it can run and connect ok to my rower's PM5. But it's really clunky compared to the updated ErgData, and for that matter, even ErgZone!

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Re: Kindle FIRE tablets and New Ergdata

Post by Tsnor » August 14th, 2022, 4:50 pm

WherRow wrote:
August 14th, 2022, 1:22 pm
I recently bought a refurbished 2021 Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet ...
Thank you for posting. I have a (2019 Release) 10" fire and was going to try the same steps. Since they didn't work for you I'll wait a bit longer before trying it.

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