Final RowPro V5.3 hardware set-up

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Final RowPro V5.3 hardware set-up

Post by Carl Watts » February 8th, 2019, 2:57 am

Well the upgrade to V5.3 from V4.3 has not been as easy as anticipated.

The latest is V5.3 drops my PM4 randomly during the row. The USB comm's appears to fail and the "PM4" box goes from green to red.

So I have moved to a PM5 running V27 firmware and a USB stick. The PC is an i5 Hp SFF with a Sapphire R7 200 1Gb graphics card which is pretty low end but locks onto 60 fps instantly. Also using a Garmin hard chest strap. Its a Model D Erg.

I really hope its a good as V4.3 was back in the day, I had a few years using this and any issues were extremely rare.

Short of upgrading the video card, there are not many other options to improve the set-up.
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