Early days so far.

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Re: Early days so far.

Post by Dangerscouse » November 13th, 2017, 12:17 pm

Well done Sapage.

Over time it does get easier and you will plateau in terms of effort as the body accepts the task isn't so bad and it can cope.
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Re: Early days so far.

Post by smwoodburn » November 24th, 2017, 9:25 am

sapage wrote:Hi All,

2 weeks ago I purchased an c2 rowing machine mostly just to get a bit of fitness happening and ideally some weight lost. I am 6 foot 3 and ~110kg right now.

I have used it nearly every day since purchase but get a little dishearten when I can not manage anything more than 10-15mins.

I have been heavily trying to make certain my rowing form is correct. Legs arms back - back arms legs which slows things down a little bit. I have also only been using the machine at very low settings 3-4. I have been alternating between interval training and just rowing and trying to add 1min or a set each day.

I have also been stretching a lot after each go at it and using a form roller on my legs and lower back. I really do not want to hurt myself at the start.

I my question is this the right approach and when does it get easier?

Form is a great way to start. When I bought my C2 rower in September of 2016, I spent hours watching videos, trying to master the technique to provide the best results for myself in my weight loss journey. Obviously, starting a rowing regimen takes some time and effort. I started the Beginner Pete Plan shortly after purchasing my rower. I found that having a plan helped me and took all of the guess work out of what I should be doing each day. I was religious about doing every workout, no matter how I was feeling each day. I certainly had my off days where I just simply rowed to completion, not worrying about split times or bettering my previous workout. I simply made sure I was rowing. I mixed it up between effort on some days, while other days I would just row to a heart rate and then maintain that throughout. I had amazing results. I lost 40 pounds during the 24 week plan. I did incorporate better eating and some other cardio (mostly walking) along with some weight training (mostly light weight dumbells and suspension training (TRX). After completing the Beginner Pete Plan, I just rowed regularly without a particular road map. Six weeks ago, I started the Beginner Pete Plan again. I just wanted to have another road map to follow. Good luck in your weight loss journey. The C2 is the best piece of equipment that I have ever purchased. I am within 20 pounds of my ideal weight now. Keep it up and you will find yourself at your goals before you know it.


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