1 month in and no change... suggestions?

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Re: 1 month in and no change... suggestions?

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Dear Cillacat32,

first: I'm no medical doctor nor scientist nor competitive athlete.

My age is 45, I'm 178cm (5,83ft) tall, 71.5kg (157lbs) heavy. I did sport all my life - with breaks of years.
My weight changed from 65kg to 80kg up and down over the years. I looked from greasy to sporty.
(please feel free to correct my non-metric information, if I calculated them wrong).

I'm a person, that is gaining weight/fat very fast, just when looking at food.

For two month I constantly loose 4kg a month, so I lost 8-9kg in two months.
The self-flagellation was limited so far. The fun factor was great! :D

So here is what works best for me - short story:
1. Improved nutrion / tracking
2. Workout 5-7 days a week, 30-90 minutes with variation
3. Keeping my heart rate in view

So here is what works best for me in detail:

1. Nutrition
a. Do not lie to yourself. Often people complain: I do not loose weight, I'm not eating a lot, I don't eat "wrong" food
i. That's in most cases not true (I speak for myself!)
ii. Often one eats the wrong things, too often, too much
b. Use a calorie tracker app - the food industry uses so much sugar and shit in nearly every product
c. No/little alcohol, like said (just on weekends or holidays, sometimes a beer or two)
d. No sugar (as far as possible), no sugar substitutes
e. No convenience food, like sauce mix
f. Read the nutrition labeling, when you buy food. A lot of "healthy" products contain as much sugar like a coke
i. Example: 1 liter of a "fake-healthy-drink" contains often 9grams of sugar/carbohydrates per 100ml(!).
That's in total for 1 liter: 90grams. 1 lump sugar is 3 gram, so 1 liter is 30 lump sugar
g. Be "careful" with fruit/fruit drinks. They also contain a lot of sugar. Better drink water
Dont's get me wrong: Eat fruit, but be sensitive, what kind of fruit and how often. Better fruit than fruit drinks/smoothies
h. Eat vegetable like crazy ... eat more vegetable
i. Eat less meat
i. I changed from "meat is my vegetable" to 1-3 times meat a month
j. Drink a lot of water. 30-40ml per kg weight
k. Don't do all the things above all days. Reward yourself - but not on a regular basis
2. Workout / tracking
a. Use a smartwatch - I highly recommendate (Apple Watch, Android, etc.)
b. Monitor your trainigs, movement, calories burned
3. Workout / heart rate
a. There are a lot of pulse calculators on the internet - use one. Read about "aerobic/unaerobic)
i. Example for me:
1) My maximum heart rate is 184
2) Fat burning zone: 110-129
3) Aerobic zone: 130-147 (fat burning and improvement of breathing and cardiovascula)
4) Unaerobic zone: 148-165 (only get into this zone for a short time - more information on the internet)
b. In my trainings, I try to have a heart rate of 120 - 145
4. Workout / regularity (example, how it suits me)
a. First: I'm doing it very often for now - do it like it suits you!
b. 5-7 days a week (or less, but try to have a regularity)
c. 1 hour walking with a heart rate of 120-135. No jogging, no regular walk. Something inbetween, so you sweat
i. In my break, when I'm at work
ii. Don't use your phone, if you may reach your interlocutor by feet! Walk! :)
iii. Use functional underwear!!! :)
d. When I'm at home: 30-60 minutes rowing
i. I use a heart rate belt
ii. Not at difficulty "10", but at "6". Sometimes I change (variation)
iii. I split the time into 8 minutes, 20 seconds break, 4 minutes, 20 seconds break, 6 mintutes and so on
iv. I watch youtube videos I'm interested while rowing or netflix on my tab with tab-holder .. so I don't "feel" the time rowing
v. Have variation in your trainings. I rarely do 30-60 minutes in one step
v. Heart rate in between "your zone" (mine is 120-145 with peaks) and sometimes I do it for peaks up to my max zone
5. Functional training
a. Push-ups (easy ones with knees on the ground and regular ones)
b. Abdominal workout
c. Sometimes weight training
d. Sometimes I ride my bike
e. Allways walk, if you do not need your car. Walk! :)

All in all, that seems to be much, but it was an evolved process over a longer time with
a lot of experiments for me, to find *my* best training, which does not stress me.

Regards and good luck!
Hobby indoor rower and water avoider.
Germany - Rhineland palatinate.

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