looking for Transformers?

Rowing for weight loss or weight control? Start here.
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looking for Transformers?

Post by roguecreature » October 25th, 2010, 9:44 pm

who in here is looking to lose weight?

I am, and I will.

I currently weight approx 250lbs (113kg) and am 68 inches (172.72cm) am looking to get down to about 200lbs , and then 175lbs. BIG GOALS

if you are like me, look me up on transformation.com under roguecreature I am trying to get some rowers on there!!! I need YOU.

The concept 2 Model E w/ PM4 is to be my primary training device.

I am participating in skeleton crew 2010 this week. please join me and send me pm

hope to talk to you soon


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Re: looking for Transformers?

Post by mfb218 » November 14th, 2010, 7:53 pm

Hey Ted...

I too am looking to lose weight...actually I already have and 99% of that was due to time spent on the erg.

Your goals are similar to the ones I had/have. I started at 225. I reached my 200# goal this past August and I'm just 9# from my "phase 2" goal of 185. I have a metabolic disorder so it comes off rather slowly, but it IS coming off. My blood work just came back, and I'm getting to cut my current meds in 1/2. The next goal is get completely off of them.

Stick with it and you will see success. I refuse to "diet" other than just pay attention to what I eat and spend 4-5 days doing SOMETHING ( I also run ). I don't always eat right, or eat the right amount or even put all my effort into my rows. But just getting on the rower means I'm not sitting on the couch. If you string enough of those days together, you see results.

Anyway, I added you as a friend. If I can help you with any motivation, or you just need someone to commiserate with, I'm here. GOOD LUCK! :)

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