Fat loss confusion

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Re: Fat loss confusion

Post by Dangerscouse » June 29th, 2020, 6:13 am

Gags wrote:
June 27th, 2020, 11:24 am
Thanks for all the replies. Im so grateful people would take so much time to reply. Thank you.

I work on a ship so poor access to the internet, thats why I have been away for a few weeks. Its not because I'm rude.

So good news. I got my fit bit and changed routine. 1hr rowing btwn 130-140 bpm roughly for 5 days per week every morning and 5 days per week of light weights but when the weather/ship movement allows some heavier compound lifts. Since my last weigh 2 weeks ago i have lost another 3kg which i’m very happy with. I have also gained strength and have a lot more energy. Dropping the rowing intensity has worked very well for me.

It is very difficult to track my calories as suggested because on the ship food is cooked for us. Its not like we can just nip to the supermarket for fresh food either. I am trying to stay away from bad carbs and sugar + drinking lots of water. I have also been having a protein shake once pre day for the last two weeks.

Good news is I'm making progress and motivated again. I can see and feel a real difference. I still have some way to go tho. Iv just taken a photo of myself and compared it to three months ago and its a nice change. Thanks again for your reassurance and motivation.
Good to hear. Just avoiding bad carbs and sugar are a big step in the right direction.
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