Inconsistent workout time in PainSled

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Inconsistent workout time in PainSled

Post by kamoshika » May 25th, 2016, 4:27 pm


I'm looking for an easy way to upload my ergo training to Strava - maybe not the best platform for rowing, but it's where the rest of my training (running, cycling and swimming) is recorded and I'd like to keep everything in one place. I'm trying out PainSled (Chrome app on Windows) at the moment. Seems really easy to use - I did a trial row last night, exported to TCX and uploaded to Strava. All good except that the time was 20 seconds out. I thought that might be a Strava quirk, so I've just done a 5km row this evening. All seemed to go fine, and the details corresponded with the PM3. When I clicked "logs" in PainSled to export, the time for the workout is different - again 20 seconds short. In the screenshot, it's the 5km workout at the top of the export window, and you can see the row in the background.
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Is it a bug / something I'm doing wrong / is my PM3 too old?

If anyone's got any other suggestions for how best to get an ergo row onto Strava I'd love to hear them. I can use a Windows laptop, but something that runs on Android would be ideal. My handset has no problem with USB OTG connection - ErgData works fine, just can't find a route from there to Strava.