Does erg rowing affebt the prostate

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Does erg rowing affebt the prostate

Post by John Hendrie » December 9th, 2006, 8:12 pm

I recently made the mistake of going to a doctor for a general checkup (which included blood work). The results came back excellent in all areas with the exception of PSA (Prostate specific antigen?) which was a bit elevated at 6.7. This led top a visit to a urologist who decided I have an enlarged prostate (not unusual for 71 years of oge).

This leads to my question - is there any history of erging having an effect on the prostate? The doctor had no opinion but he knows nothing about our sport - I think he plays golf.

Thank you for anything you might pass along

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Post by PingPong » December 10th, 2006, 10:44 pm

I am just getting over a bout with prostatitus and initially wondered if erging and/or rowing could have been part of the problem. After visiting a ureologist, and a couple of months of discomfort, I'm inclined to think not.

Initially, one of my concerns was if there could be a similar problem with impotence that some bicyclists get due to pressure from the saddle. My doctor had never heard of rowing causing this problem. But I did find one reference (only one) on the web, after looking a very long time.

That part of my body is rather sensitive, and frequently gets sore from just sitting. The seat on my erg did apply a little pressure on my perineum so I got a pad that is cut out there. I only had a problem with pressure on the perineum in one boat, which I don't use any more. And the truth is I'm not sure where the pressure really was - it just hurt my butt.

My ureologist got the prostatius under control with antibitoics, and my prostate is fine now - only a little enlargement that comes with getting older (I'm 47). I still have some inflamation because sitting on inflamed tissure keeps it inflamed.

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Post by Heaviestuser » December 21st, 2006, 4:20 am

IMHO there is no proven connection between prostate and rowing ( or any other sport for that matter ).

There is just the overall effect of increased fitness, which will benefit a body's fight against cancer.

Prostate cancer is an illness where the prevalence is on the increase, especially in the USA. Take care !

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Post by PingPong » December 23rd, 2006, 9:50 pm

Given the lack of discussion on this topic, I am inclined to agree. There only seem to be two of on the forum who have ever had any prostrate problems (that we are willing to talk about anyway), and mine seems to have nothing to do with erging. Two out of 4493 registered users (assume half have prostates) probably puts the rate of prostate problems for this group way below the average for men in any other group.


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Erg and the Prostate

Post by kimchitom » January 5th, 2007, 6:54 am

John Hendrie,
Sorry for the late entry. I can say that my prostate problems have diminished since I started indoor rowing.
I am 74 (75 in March) and have had prostate problems for years. Had an indigo laser surgery in'99, a biopsy in 2000 and have seen about 6 or 7 urologists.
Have had PSA test scores as high as 29 and no cancer. Read where the test is only about 30% acccurate. Although, a friend tested at 8.5 and had cancer.
Returned to Korea in 2002 and started to erg in Jan04. Saw a local urologist for a checkup and he recommended more laser surgery as my prostate was large and he said it weighed 100 grams. Beats me how he weighed it. I declined surgery and opted to continue oral meds and continue the indoor rowing.
Well, I can say that my prostate problems (frequent need for urination, inability to void and having to get up at night 3 or 4 times) have improved.
I am approaching 4 million meters on the erg. I now sleep all night, or if I have too much liquid after evening meal, I only get up once.
Have not been back to the doctor since I started the indoor rowing. So as for me, I am convinced that erg training has actually improved my prostate functioning.
I am increasing my erg meters and did a little over 250,000m for the Holiday Challenge. But I avoid the bicycle. Used to be an amateur road racer years ago. But just the thought of sitting on that seat makes me and my prostate cringe.
Good luck to you, John. Your total erg meters are amazing. Would like to catch up to you.

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Re: Does erg rowing affebt the prostate

Post by 2B2B » July 7th, 2019, 12:55 pm

I have been diagnosed with BPH. My doctor said that there was two things he has seen that shrink the prostrate. One was a high vegetarian diet or one with little red meat and long physical activity but not necessarily intense such as jogging. Since Jogging has taken its toll on my knees I have started using my Concept to give me the physical activity I need. I would think as long as the rowing does not put undue pressure on your prostrate it should help. I feel I am already get some benefits after rowing for a few weeks.

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Re: Does erg rowing affebt the prostate

Post by Citroen » July 7th, 2019, 2:02 pm

You've just replied to a twelve year old post.

Please start a brand new thread.