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How long have you been rowing?

Less than one month
Less than six months
About one year
Two to five years
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More than ten years
Total votes: 45

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LUNA-TICS Astro-rower-naut Team Room - Hangin' Out Together

Post by Kristine Strasburger » January 4th, 2008, 6:25 pm

Welcome to the official Team Room for the JVC team LUNA-TICS.

This is where we will share our rowing trials and tribulations :cry:

our successes and surprises :D

our blister and sore bum stories :shock:

and whatever else comes to mind :idea:

This is where we really get to know and support one another, so let's all have fun with it. Please post as often as you can. Take the poll above.

If you want to join the JVC team LUNA-TICS, please email "Kristine Strasburger" <> with your log book FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.

If you want to join the year-round team LUNA-TICS, edit your profile and indicate your team affiliation as LUNA-TICS.

Go LUNA-TICS! :mrgreen:

Below is our new team logo designed by team member Jan Stevenson


To get a feel for the enthusiasm the team feels toward our goal of rowing to the moon and back, here are some of the comments I received from people who emailed me about being on the team (names have been edited out.)

Because there is:
1. No air in space...
there will be
2. No resistance on the flywheel...
everyone should be able to turn out 0:30/500m times or thereabouts
3. My personal tests indicate that that is the pace at which the internal resistance of the machine becomes a limiting factor.
Since 0:30/500m is roughly 4X as fast as we normally go, we'll only need 1/4 of the number of people that someone originally proposed (4000/4=1000). I propose we simply total the meters of all rowers and compare that to 384,000,000 meters, factoring in that we don't have to deal with annoying wind resistance. 96,000,000 meters shouldn't be a problem, right?

I will join your team. I am probably good for 100,000 meters or so in January. I will be recovering from the holiday challenge.
I am thinking of David Bowie's Space Oddity on the ipod

They just got a computer so I created them an account for the last couple of rowing challenges that they did. I asked them if they ever rowed to the moon and back before and of course they said NO. It sounds like lots of fun.

384 million meters. Assume each person does 192,000 in a month. You just need 4,000 rowers.
Well, 3998 (counting you and I).

Thanks – I’m signed up for your team in my profile, so now I’m on the trip to the moon (and back, I hope).

Well, if the moon is that far away, you're going to need all the help you can get. Count me in. I do have to tell you that I'm not exactly sure how much time I can spend rowing. I prepare taxes for H&R Block, and, contrary to popular belief, our busiest time is from about the 19th of January to the third week in February. But I'll do my best.

Rowing to the moon and back - now there's a challenge!!! Count me in! I better get going - I have some rowing to do!!!

I would really love to row to the moon and back but the problem is that my wife will not let me leave the yard. If you promise not to tell here where I am I would like to join the team.

Love the idea. Count me in.

Count me in for the Moon Row!

i'm interested in joining a team...i did the 100,000 meters for the challenge..not sure how much i'll be able to row in january 'cause my training for the boston marathon will be my first priority....what do you think.....

I would like to join your team. I row about 10000 a day but I am just a beginner so some days are more than others. Thank you for your time.

Are you still looking for members for your team? If so, I would like to take a

Hi, I would love to join your team for the January challenge.

I would like to help your team row to the moon. If you still have room
and the boats not getting to crowded. :)

I saw your posting on the C2 site about your ambitious lunar goal and I would love to help achieve it.
I finished the 200k Holiday Challenge with plenty of time to spare and I'm looking for a good challenge to keep me rowing in the New Year. Assuming you haven't hit the full 4,000 teammates yet, please add me in

Hello Kristine, I´m from Mexico City, I would like to join your team and try to go to the moon as soon as possible.

Sure, I'm in for lofty goals ... rowing to the moon seems worthy!

Please sign me up for the Luna-tics. Have only been rowing for 13 days but I am up to 106,000 meters so hopefully I can contribute a little.

Hmmm! 384,403,000m there and back is a long way to go and a bit unrealistic. However, if you are willing to include those who row when the moon is still out, then I'm in. Most of my family thinks I am a lunatic for the insane hour I row.
I row with the New Haven Rowing Club in CT. It's too cold and icy for me to be on the water, so I'm looking for some motivation to get on the erg. I just did 154,000m for the holiday challenge. I don't anticipate doing that much in Jan, but I figured anything I can contribute will be better than nothing.

Hey, This team sounds pretty sweet. – having a team will make sure I actually enter my meters. I row for TJ high school and I practice everyday after school and try to get in rows on Saturday and Sunday – I should post about 200k this month. My scores are pretty good if that helps. Thanks for making a sweet team, merry Christmas.

I'd like to help your team row to the moon, OK? I'm all signed up with an online logbook. I should be able to do close to 200,000.

I love astronomy, so this team is perfect for me. ;)

I would like to join the Luna-tics for the January challenge. I'm good for 200,000 meters. I am not affiliated with any team.

I don’t know how many meters I will be able to row in Jan as I will be away on business for almost two weeks, but you can have any meters I do row to help get you to the moon,

I'm looking for a team for the 2008 JVC. I did the 200,000m Holiday challenge and hope to continue erging at that level this month. I really need something to motivate me, so I hope that you are still taking new members. Please sign me up if you are. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reaching the moon...great idea.

Good morning! My son and I would like to join your team in the January Virtual Challenge. We are new to rowing (one week in) but look forward to participating.

I would like to join the LUNA-TICS for the January Virtual Challenge. Do you still have a place available? It is the first time, I am participating in such a challenge, so I have no idea how many meters I will be able to add, as I only registered a few days ago. I come from Germany. How many participants are there in the team so far?

I live at 9200 feet here in Colorado; so I already have a hedstart. Would like to join your team for the challenge. I just started rowing in April but I did 220,000 for the Holiday Challenge. Please sign me up if you can use the help.

Please include me on your team to go to the moon. I will try to get at least 100K, but hopefully more. I don’t have my own erg so I have to go to our teams winter training sessions to get my meters in. We are kicking it off with half a marathon tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything else. Also, if you can join after the 1st I’ll try to recruit some more tomorrow.

Thanks for responding to post and your interest. Unfortunately I have already joined another team. Maybe we can hook up in a future challenge. Good luck on your trip to the moon sounds like fun.....A FEW DAYS LATER...Seems as though the team I joined was not as it seemed. I would like to join all you Luna-tics, I am by nature one. I hope my contribution is worthy of your effort.

Please enroll me onto the LUNA-TICS teams. Sounds like a crazy / fun goal. Thanks for pulling this together. I am training for a marthin row, so I should be good for 100K to 200K.

Can't wait to see our virtual progress towards the moon. Should take us less than a day to clear the stratosphere - and without all that gravity, we should be propelled even faster towards our goal.

If your Luna-Tics group for the January virtual challenge has not filled yet, please consider me. I can give the group about 200,000 meters from Jan 1 thru about Jan 21. I am planning to be on the road the last part of January and will not be rowing then if I go, so I will understand if I get bumped by someone who can give a full month's rowing to your effort. I am choosing your group because of your active recruitment effort to newbies like me, and that impressed me. I have not participated in a group challenge before, but have successfully completed the 2006 and 2007 Holiday challenges at the 200,000 meter mark.

Hey if you have space, may I please join your team. I currently have over 600,000 meters and am looking for a new challenge to keep me on the rowing machine (need to train for dragon boat team while we are off the water.

Please see below my details for the Jauary adventure. I shall update my online log book tonight. I look forward to contributing. I'm located in Santiago, Chile.

Happy New Year! JVC is definitely motivational ... I just chose to row, over a much more sedentary option, because I was trying to figure out the team standing matrix!

I rowed at the Kirkwood, MO YMCA for a while and am now at home on a vintage model B, - around 3.5 mil and counting. I’m a skinny guy, weight loss isn’t a thing for me – I just like the challenge, as well as the online friendships.

Wondering if I can still add on to the LUNA-TICS team for the January Challenge. Was unable to complete the Holiday Challenge because of a knee injury, followed by the arrival of my first ergs nearby. If there is still room, please add me. I usually add my meters to the LIVESTRONG survivors, family & friends team, but they are not participating in the challenge. I'll add all the meters I can...a trip to the moon sounds good right now. :-) If your team is full, let me know. Thanks!

Happy New Year, Kristine. I have never been on any kind of team in my whole life so this is a new experience for me. I started rowing this past May and completed my million meters right before Christmas. You can count on me for 7200 meters a day, 6 days a week (not Wednesdays). When I tried seven days a week, my wrists and ankles told me it was a bad idea. They seem to need the day of rest.

I was wondering if I could join the Luna-tics for the challenge? This will be good motivation to keep rowing.

Hi, I just turned 50 this year, but I train all year for triatholons so rowing is part of my workouts. I have a bad shoulder and elbow but still try to go everyday for a minimium of 15 minutes. Hope I can join your team.

Thanks for the emails! I am looking forward to the challenge. I rowed 25 minutes straight today which is my longest to date. I am trying to build into it. I must say I view the leaderboard in amazment when I see people over 100k already. I will also try to find a picture to upload to the team page. I also plan to try the gloves because I notice the effects on my hands of the "longer" row. Thanks again.

I'm back in the saddle after the holidays, and want to contribute my meters rowed to a team! I'm a very new rower, but I'm looking forward to throwing as many meters as I can to the challenge!

my parents row for your team and I was hoping to row for it too.

Happy to be part of Luna-tics. I promise at least 10k a day; more if time permits. Let's do this lunar shot!!!!!!!!!!!! What a trip! Being an Astronaut has always been a dream.

I'll be starting my meters on Friday the 4th. I will try to average 10k per day through the duration.

Hi - I would love to join your trip to the moon! I think I can bang out at least 100K this month. Thanks and Happy New Year! See you on the moon!

Hi- I am a frozen Minneapolis former 1985 Big 10 rower returning to my sport! I would like to join the Luna-Tics in this JVC. I posted my recent new attempts at the 2000M erg times, and hit the qualifying "rank" link for 2/3. Not bad for 22 years out of the slide! Let me know if I meet your team criteria!

If you would like to include my meters on your team...I should be able to add a million or so meters for the month.
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Post by Toothdoc » January 4th, 2008, 7:35 pm

Great job on the Logo!!!!!! And the forum site. you are one busy girl, keep up the good work.


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Not sure how to answer poll

Post by acrewer » January 4th, 2008, 7:55 pm

I rowed for Santa Clara Univ Crew from 1977-1980; but only got my erg about a year ago. So how long have I been rowing? Indoors 1 year - but on the water, it's been a while. I did belong to LBRA in the early 80's. The last time I was actually on the water was in 1991 or so.

I'm glad to be in the boat with all the lunatics, seems like a good fit for me.

I will post my meters later tonite, then I am off to Yosemite for a week with my daughter's school. I will be back on the erg on 1/13.

I'm a CPA, so I accrue and go a-crew-ing. The magazine cover is my mom in front and me in back.

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Post by PJM » January 4th, 2008, 9:36 pm

Hi Kristine!!
Well, you beat me to it.I have been reading your posts and forum.I was going to stop by and tell you how great your team logo is..and what a great team you have pulled together.TIMBUK2 is an extension of the boat TIMBUKTU in the regular season of rowing.We decided to create an extension of the boat for the challenge..hence TIMBUK2.
We wish your team good luck.We are all in this for a common cause..but have set our sights and goals a bit differently.
It is an honor to be rowing along side of your team.
Thanks for stopping in to chat at TIMBUK2 headquarters.
I took your rowing poll by the way.
Take care and enjoy the ride!!

Team mate TIMBUKTU
Team captain TIMBUK2

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Post by bg » January 5th, 2008, 12:32 am

this is sooooo col...thanks kristine....go luna-tics...barbara

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Distance to the moon

Post by Calamity » January 5th, 2008, 4:29 am

I am not exactly sure what distance we are using for our goal, but
the average distance from the moon to the Earth is 384,392 kilometers.
If you are tired of your rowing totals all having zeros next to a number, why not row a percentage of the our goal? Or add 384 meters to your cool down? Do that a million times and you will be to moon.
Just a fun way to increase our meters.

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Team Page

Post by jeffpulaski » January 5th, 2008, 11:35 am


Great job with the team - you are sure everything a captain should be. I love the team logo. I have been rowing for 20 years now on and off. Got hooked while attending college in Grand Rapids, MI where I rowed stroke for both a 4 and an 8. After I moved back home, I built a single and have had my erg for over 15 years. I am hoping the holiday challenge and the January team work will keep me focused and back on track.

Keep up the good work.


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Post by thomaspinckney » January 5th, 2008, 11:40 am

Thanks for taking the time to create this. It will give us further incentives to keep on rowin' :shock:

I was a Montgomery County, Md. police officer for 32 years and hit Krispy Kreme (offical donuts of all police officers)
a bit too much. Thus, I needed exercise and ending up looking like this:
I call the above photo a "police action shot!"

I am an outdoorsman, but have found that my main hobby (Musky fishing) doesn't give me a whole lot of exercise:

So..................I started rowing seriously the day before Thanksgiving and have kept it up.
I've lost 12-13 pounds in my quest to look like this: (The body that men fear and women love!)

Image you think I can do it? :twisted:
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Post by PJM » January 5th, 2008, 11:52 am

I am a TIMBUK2-ian but just had to drop in to say..GREAT catch...what I huge fish!!!I am from SW Florida and the fishermen would love this here.

Good luck in the challenge fellow rowers!!!


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Post by thomaspinckney » January 5th, 2008, 11:59 am

Thanks - it's a 44" Tiger Muskellunge take from a local lake in Clarksburg, Maryland. Catch a big one!!

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Add a photo

Post by Kristine Strasburger » January 5th, 2008, 3:39 pm

Hi Everyone!

This is a lot of fun! Except there is just one problem... It feels like we are talking to a group of ghosts.

Where are all the profile photos?

If you need help getting a digital photo to fit the profile size, email your photo to me and I will get it sized down and web optimized for you (and I won't even sell your pic to the National Enquirer- all privacy upheld!) I will send it back to you in a forum size and in a C2 profile size so you can use it both places.

Way to go on the big fish. My husband and fellow team member, Keith, hasn't visited here yet to see it, but he's gonna like it when he does.

So, in your quest for your goal to be a lean, mean, Tasmanian-devil machine, are you fixin' to cast for a wife at the end, or are you thinking more of the sweep-net approach? Personally, I am not in the pool (have already got a great catch of my own), but maybe there are interested fishies watching your progress.

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Thanks for letting me on the team!

Post by tlsaterbobruns » January 5th, 2008, 7:13 pm

Hi Fellow Rowing fanatics! I love the team name Luna-Tics!

I posted my photo on my profile right after being accepted on the team.

This photo was taken right after rowing with my college rowing team-mate on Fish Lake in NY, north of Albany. I am the one in the lt blue T-shirt (seat 2), and my team-mate is in 3. Stroke and 4 are the couple who own the shell and took us out on the lake. WHAT A GREAT PLACE!

I just ordered my Concept 2 D erg, so while I wait for delivery, I row on a model C at the Gym.

Let's rack-up those meters!!!

PS- I realized that you have to put the photo on the training forum logon as the "avatar" and the other profile for the log book uploads a different size image. Sorry for the delay in my photo getting on there! :shock:
Tracy aka "Crew-Crew"

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Post by thomaspinckney » January 5th, 2008, 9:07 pm

:roll: Not not a lean, fighting machine (yet). However, the only casting for a wife I will be doing is at home (I've been married for 36 years). It's still ok to have a body that men fear and women love though!!

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Re: Add a photo

Post by Big » January 5th, 2008, 9:33 pm

Kristine Strasburger wrote:It feels like we are talking to a group of ghosts.
Well, gee, would you rather have us row or hang out on-line? :wink:
I can see that I'm going to have a hard time just keeping up with the team's individual average! :shock:

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Post by werelupus » January 5th, 2008, 10:28 pm


Great Job. I've just signed up to be a permanent member of th LUNA-TICS, unless of course I get blackballed!

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